MICRO’s first museum series is the award-winning Smallest Mollusk Museum.

A six-foot-tall museum developed in collaboration with designers, storytellers, engineers, and scientists from the world’s leading research institutions, the Smallest Mollusk Museum explores the last 650 million years of life on earth.

Packed with 15 exhibits that include two miniature movie theaters, optical illusions, kinetic sculptures, 3D prints, and a holographic aquarium, in the Smallest Mollusk Museum mollusk biology and evolution are launching pads for visitors to explore brains, sensory organs, slime, and more.

Since launching publicly in late 2017, MICRO’s museums have already delighted over 160,000 visitors in everyday spaces from mall concourses to the front lobbies of New York City’s busiest public hospitals.

The Smallest Mollusk Museum is built around a series of “chapters.”

To experience the chapters, head over to the Smallest Mollusk Museum audio guide, read by Sean Rameswaram of RadioLab and Today Explained.

MICRO in the public access “Sky Room” at the New Museum of Contemporary Art
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Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.27.22 AM.png
18-04-28 - Rock Center Photos (5 of 11)_CC.jpg

Rockefeller Center’s Smallest Mollusk Museum.

Mollusk Museum Central _2017 (4 of 7).jpg

The Brooklyn Public Library system’s Smallest Mollusk Museum.

Senses Render.jpg

The ‘Senses’ exhibit asks visitors to imagine how they would experience the world if they had the sensory organs like mollusks.


“The entire suite of our human perception – vision, but also touch, smell, hearing and taste – has evolved to help us survive in our extremely niche environment.”

For more, visit Chapter 3 of the Smallest Mollusk Museum book.


“MICRO’s Museum is a part of something unexpected.

It’s a welcoming presence. It makes the place warm, and it’s a great social connector.

It’s there when you need, and it’s come to a point where we don’t want to imagine RMH-NY without it.” - Benjamin Winsten, Ronald McDonald House-NY

The holographic aquarium in the base of MICRO's Smallest Mollusk Museum.jpg

Exploring the Smallest Mollusk Museum’s holographic aquarium in NYH+H.


The museum features the world’s first 3D print of an octopus brain.

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IMG_8260 copy.jpg

For more on the Brains exhibit, visit Chapter 4 of the Smallest Mollusk Museum book.

“The main problem we face when thinking about animal cognition is our own lack of imagination: how can we get inside their minds when their bodies are so different from our own?”


MICRO’s Smallest Mollusk Museum in the front lobby of Bellevue Hospital in Kips Bay.

The ‘Alone’ exhibit features an optical illusion inside a peephole that describes octopus family group behaviors and asks visitors to compare their own group learning to other animals.

For more about the lonely octopus and its incredible family, visit Chapter 6 of the Smallest Mollusk Museum book.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 1.42.54 PM.png
MICRO in Rockefeller Center.

MICRO’s museums are built for high impact, high traffic public spaces.

18-04-28 - Ace Photos (6 of 10).jpg

Ace Hotel’s Smallest Mollusk Museum.


deep dive into the Smallest mollusk museum?

head over to the Smallest Mollusk Museum Book

listen to the museum’s audio guide.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 4.02.56 PM.png

Bellevue Medical Center’s Smallest Mollusk Museum.


“MICRO’s Smallest Mollusk Museum brings real vibrancy and special science education opportunities into the heart of our community at Lincoln Medical Center in the South Bronx.

At Lincoln, we welcome thousands of people from across the Bronx and New York City every day. The museum creates a special place for staff, patients, visitors, and families to connect and learn about science and biology together.

Margaret Jung, Chief of Staff, Lincoln Medical Center.



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