MICRO’s first museum series is the award-winning Smallest Mollusk Museum.

A six-foot-tall natural history museum developed in collaboration with designers, storytellers, engineers, and scientists from the world’s leading research institutions, the Smallest Mollusk Museum explores the last 650 million years of life on earth.

Packed with 15 exhibits that include two miniature movie theaters, optical illusions, kinetic sculptures, 3D prints, and a holographic aquarium, in the Smallest Mollusk Museum mollusk biology and evolution are launching pads for visitors to explore brains, sensory organs, slime, and more.

Since debuting publicly in late 2017, MICRO’s museums have been delighting visitors in everyday spaces from mall concourses to the front lobbies of New York City’s busiest public hospitals.

To experience the museum’s content in depth, head over to the Smallest Mollusk Museum book or the Smallest Mollusk Museum audio guide, read by Sean Rameswaram of RadioLab and Today Explained.

MICRO in the public access “Sky Room” at the New Museum of Contemporary Art
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MICRO in Rockefeller Center.
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The Perpetual Motion Museum is MICRO’s newest museum series.

A physics and engineering museum, it takes visitors on a whirlwind tour through earth energy system and is packed with exhibits including 3D printed kinetic sculptures, an energy chase from the sun through to a light switch, an IR camera where visitors can visualize their own energy escaping and a spinning, animated zoetrope.

MICRO’s Perpetual Motion Museum launched in late September 2019.

For more on the Perpetual Motion Museum as well as animations from the exhibits, visit the museum’s website.

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