MICRO is building a fleet of six-foot-tall museums.

Our team of scientists, designers, engineers, and storytellers take a vast, complex world, and squeeze it down into boxes the size of vending machines.


We replicate the museums, and send them out to the groups and venues in your community who want you to know about the secret systems that run the cosmos.

From hospital waiting rooms to the DMV, MICRO’s fleet of museums show up in the places you least expect them.


Soon, you'll walk into an airport in San Jose and share a science experience with someone in a community center in the Bronx.

Ever wondered how snails have sex, or what happens at the end of the universe?

Of course you have. MICRO is here for you.


They look like aliens. Their ranks are legion. Enormous monsters who preyed on our ancestors. Tentacled beasts who spawn millions in minutes. They have spread to thrive in every habitat on earth.

Prepare for a journey into the world of the mollusk: a group of invertebrates that has produced the oldest animal alive, the hardest biological material, and a lot of slime.

Humanity. Mollusks. An epic battle for survival.

Straighten your spine, vertebrate. Things are about to get weird.


For a thousand years, humans have lost fortunes and ruined lives trying to cheat the laws of nature. Now it’s your turn.

What would happen if you built a machine that created free energy, forever?

Welcome to The Perpetual Motion Museum, a place of invisible jiggles and our age-old struggle to harness and understand energy.




Museums are important sources of knowledge, but their impact is currently limited.

Museums cluster. In New York City, Manhattan has 85 museums. The Bronx has 8. The boroughs have the same population.

Entry is often expensive, and audiences are narrow: across America, 90% of museum visitors are white.


MICRO is a nonprofit committed to building science education for a culturally decentralized future. MICRO believes that access to high quality science is empowering.

Our museums are site-tested, durable, and free to the public. With a museum on a new topic always in the works, this is science for everyone, museums that can go everywhere.


We all want to understand the world we live in. 11 of the 20 most visited museums in the US are science museums, but science museums are rare.

Of the 135 museums across NYC, only 5 are science or math related. Even in San Francisco, just 3 of the 53 museums are STEM.

MICRO’s venue partners are hospitals, transit hubs, developers, and more: people and organizations who want to make a difference, and share the adventure of science with their community.


MICRO was founded in 2016 by Amanda Schochet, a former computational ecologist, and Charles Philipp, a media producer.

They’ve assembled a crack team of designers, storytellers, and engineers who are redesigning how cultural institutions work.

MICRO’s product team is headed up by: Ruby J Murray, a science writer and award-winning novelist. Louisa Bukiet, a mechanical designer and engineer at all scales. Labour, a design firm that’s worked with MoMA and the Whitney.

Want to join the team? MICRO is hiring



Amanda Schochet

Charles Philipp

Ruby J Murray
Head of Content

Louisa Bukiet
Head of Product

Autumn Mortali
Community Manager


Science Sandbox

Heckscher Foundation for Children

Tribeca Film institute

New Inc

New Lab


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MICRO is a nonprofit venture; our museums are always free to visit.

Donations to MICRO are tax deductible under our fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas. Every donation you make, no matter how big or small, contributes towards getting more museums out to the public, and reaching new audiences with award-winning science communication.


MICRO's venue partners are hospitals, transit hubs, developers, and organizations who believe that science and art are important.

Know the perfect place for a MICRO museum? Tell us!

Our community is growing all the time. We love hearing your feedback. Follow the 'get in contact' button below to tell us about future collaborations, snails, and physics. 



Museums in MICRO’s fleet are launching across NYC now.

Go visit the Smallest Mollusk Museum at Lincoln Medical Center in the Bronx through December 2019. Meet up with MICRO’s Explorers for a free museum tour! 

Find the Perpetual Motion Museum on the concourse of 1 Rockefeller Center through December 2019, and check out the museum in action here.

The rest of the museums in the fleet are back in MICRO HQ this month having a buff and polish, but they'll be in a venue near you real soon. Thanks to everyone who visited the Smallest Mollusk Museums at the Brooklyn Public Library, Ronald McDonald House NY, Bellevue Hospital in Kips Bay, Ace Hotel, Rockefeller Center Concourse, the Brooklyn Navy Yards, Pioneer Works in Red Hook, on Governor’s Island and beyond, and don't worry if you’ve missed out on them so far!

Want to know where the Smallest Mollusk Museums are going next, or chase the Perpetual Motion Museums across the country?



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