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After just sixteen minutes with the Smallest Mollusk Museum, you will:

  • Be better equipped to meet and greet the mollusks you find around you.
  • Be able to answer important questions like: who lives longer, us or them? How do their minds work?  How many of them, and how long have we shared the planet?
  • How do snails make more of themselves?
  • Why does the octopus change its spots?

Voiced by host of Vox Media's Today Explained and ex-RadioLab reporter Sean Rameswaram with music by Allison Leyton-Brown, the Smallest Mollusk Museum's audio tour goes well with showers, driving, diving, and strolls in the park.

Take the audio tour by clicking on the play button to stream it below, or head over to iTunes to use your podcasting app.


smallest mollusk museum: THE Book

The book to MICRO's Smallest Mollusk Museum is open for you to explore right here, right now, if you dare.

Prepare for a journey into the world of the mollusk: a group of invertebrates that has produced the oldest animal alive, the hardest biological material, and a lot of slime.

They look like aliens. Their ranks are legion. Enormous monsters who preyed on our ancestors. Tentacled beasts who spawn millions in minutes. They have spread to thrive in every habitat on earth.

Humanity. Mollusks. An epic battle for survival.

Straighten your spine, vertebrate. Things are about to get weird.


Roll The Credits

WRITING: Ruby J. Murray
EDITING: Celeste LeCompte
CONTENT: Amanda Schochet & Charles Philipp

Thank you to all the scientists who generously donated their time and expertise to the Smallest Mollusk Museum:

ORIGINSDr. Kenneth BaetsDr. Phil DonoghueDr. Monique Welten, Dr. Martin Rucklin, John Catalani, Dr. Andreas HejnolDr. Jakob Vinther

PERCEPTIONDr. Daniel SpeiserDr. Russell Wyeth

BRAINSThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Octopus Research Group, with special thanks to Dr. Ana Turchetti-Maia and Dr. Naama Stern, Dr. Clifton Ragsdale, Dr. Shuichi ShigenoDr. Matthew MacDougall, Dr. Todd Anderson

SEXDr. Norman BlakeDr. Ronald Chase, Dr. John Hutchinson, Dr. Heike ReiseDr. Joris Koene

FAMILYDr. Jennifer MatherDr. Kaya De Barbaro

DEATHDr. Chris Richardson, Dr. Chris Carrico, Dr. James Scourse, Dr. Alan D. Wanamaker Jr., Dr. Paul Butler

EXTINCTIONDr. Wendell Haag, Dr. Paul Johnson, Abigail Gascho Landis