the Perpetual Motion Museum

MICRO’s second museum series, the Perpetual Motion Museum, explores humanity’s age-old hunger for energy.

Join the MICRO team on a whirling journey through the earth’s energy system, and discover why perpetual motion is impossible with intricate exhibits that include spinning machines, 3D printed sculptures, playful animations, and a flickering zoetrope. Ask the questions that will take you on a roller coaster ride from the Big Bang through to the light switches you touch every day.

Why do things move? Why do they stop?

Now in prototype, MICRO’s Perpetual Motion Museum will be launching in 2019.



Thanks to the incredible scientists, historians, and artists who are working on, brainstorming, wrangling, losing heat over, and adding facts to the Perpetual Motion Museum, including: Gaia Donati, Associate Editor, Springer Nature. Brian Koberlein, Senior lecturer, physics, Rochester Institute of Technology. Paul M. Sutter, Cosmological Researcher, Department of Astronomy, Ohio State University. Daniel Busby, Lead Engineer, Two Bit Circus, and the whole TBC crew. Beau Burrows, future wife, zoetrope spinner. Robb Godshaw, artist and wrangler. And of course Russ Etheridge, animator extraordinaire.

And a very special thanks to our two lead science advisors on this museum: Tristan Ursell, Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Oregon, and Dr. David Brown, scientist-at-large.


MICRO is excited to be opening conversations with potential launch partners, whose gifts will support the inaugural installations of the Perpetual Motion Museum.

A launch partnership with MICRO engages tens of thousands of visitors in unique conversations about science, art, and technology, making award-winning science education experiences available to diverse new audiences.

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