You can take the audio tour of MICRO's Smallest Mollusk Museum anywhere, anytime. Listen in front of a museum, or take a walk through the museum remotely with the power of sound!

After just sixteen minutes with the Smallest Mollusk Museum's audio tour, you will:

  • Be better equipped to meet and greet the mollusks you find around you.
  • Be able to answer important questions like: who lives longer, us or them? How do their minds work?  How many of them, and how long have we shared the planet?
  • How do snails make more of themselves?
  • Why does the octopus change its spots?

Voiced by host of Vox Media's Today Explained and ex-RadioLab reporter Sean Rameswaram with music by Allison Leyton-Brown, the Smallest Mollusk Museum's audio tour goes well with showers, driving, diving, and strolls in the park.

It does not go well with calamari for dinner.